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Single-use Plastic

It is a long established fact that our mother earth can not digest plastic & take no more of our bullshit. Let’s stop and make it a better planet for the future us.


PLASTIC FREE MADRAS is a growing alliance of individuals, Businesses, Organisations, and policy-makers working towards a common goal – To save the world from plastic pollution and it’s toxic impact on all life and the environment.



Say NO to Plastic

Carry your own paper bag or cloth bag when you out shopping for groceries and other things. Always keep a spare handy in your vehicle

Adopt alternatives

Use Biodegradable products or compostable ones in place of plastic cutlery, carry bags, garbage bags, or packaging. 

Spread the word

Tell your friends, relatives, and society why plastic is harmful and how they can do their bit to protect the environment and all life.

Let’s do our bit to stop plastic pollution


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Plastic has become such a big part of our lives, that it’s not easy to notice we are using it. But today we must question our choices and think twice before we purchase products with disposable plastics. Avoid plastic bottles of beverages, Say NO to plastic cutlery (spoon, fork, knife, cups, straws), carry bags from the grocery stores, and products with plastic packaging.

Our Latest home Products

Helping everyone keep plastics at bay, we have come up with some products from our end with the help of small scale industries and women empowered skills. 

There is more than one way to give

Anything and everything you do makes an impact and also in your heart. There is always an unexplained joy in giving. 


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Buy plastic free products


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Make a difference.

Say NO to single-use plastics.